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We'll meet again...

Despite all the challenges that recent months have foisted upon us we remain confident that normal life will day!

Until then we're keeping busy (in the loosest sense of the word!) shuttling our airfreight crews between the hotel and the airport and sometimes we even take them home!

Our vehicles remain licensed and ready to go, even at short notice, and we're as COVID safe as you can get. Each vehicle interior is fully wiped down with sanitiser after every journey has ended. Special attention is made to the seatbelts, grab handles and interior and exterior door handles (for those clients that won't wait for us to get out of the driving seat :) ) and our principal chauffeur is undertaking a weekly covid test. The vehicle interiors are treated to a fogging sanitiser once a month which helps with the hard to reach places and also passes through the ventilation system. Sneeze/cough screens are also fitted into some vehicles but clients MUST request them at the time of booking.

We're still available for your essential travel needs whether it's hospital appointments or COVID testing and long for the day when we are taking bookings for restaurants, theatres and airport transfers again.

Until then we wish you all well and really hope to see our clients soon.

Stay safe!

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