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General Questions

Q. How will I know if my chauffeur is going to be on time to collect me?

A. Either someone from the office or the chauffeur will call or text you with their progress.


Q. Will there be enough time to stop for a comfort break on the way?

A. Our scheduling always allows time for a comfort break en route - even on smaller journeys.

Q. Do you have Wi-Fi available?

A. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in every vehicle. Please ask your chauffeur for the password.

Q. Do you carry dogs?

A. Unfortunately we do not carry dogs - except for working dogs, which we will always happily carry.

Q. Can I pay cash to the driver?

A. Unfortunately we do not accept cash. Journeys must be booked and paid for in advance unless you hold an account with us.

Q. I have a child seat but don't want to take it on holiday - what do I do?

A.We'll take it with us, store it in the office, and return it back to the airport when we collect you - no charge!

Q. Can you provide champagne for a special trip?

A. No as we are not licensed. BUT - we will bring the champagne flutes, bucket, towel and stopper! No charge!

Q. What happens if we're late when you collect us for the return journey?

A. We always allow extra time (up to 30 mins) when collecting from restaurants etc. After that we charge for every 30 mins.


Q. Do I have to tip the chauffeur?

A. Absolutely not! Tipping is at the sole discretion of the client - always.

Airport Transfers

Q. How do I know what time we should depart for the airport?

A. Don't worry! We'll organise your collection time which will allow us time for a short stop and anything untoward.

Q. Will my chauffeur help with my luggage?

A. Absolutely! Even when the client is much younger and fitter than the chauffeur!

Q. I have booked assistance at the airport - what happens when I arrive?

A. You chauffeur will organise the porter for you and assist with luggage.

Q. How do I meet my chauffeur on my return?

A. Your chauffeur will text you when you've landed with full instructions on where to meet him.

Q. How will I recognise him?

A. He'll be at the meeting point with a greeting board with your name on it.

Q. What happens if my phone doesn't work?

A. Your chauffeur will enter the arrivals hall approx. 20 minutes after your aircraft has landed.

Q. What do I do if my flight is delayed?

A. Don't worry! We'll  know as we use live tracking. Our prices are fixed price so there's no extra to pay!

Q. What happens if I miss my flight?

A. Short haul then there may be a charge. Long haul we will hold the booking until you can re-schedule.


Q. Do your chauffeurs have any special licence?

A. We are licensed with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and undergo DBS checks every 3 years.


Q. Are your chauffeurs security trained?

A. Some have received training from the Specialist Operations Academy as VIP Security Chauffeurs.

Q. Do you undertake any extra driver training?

A. All our core drivers and associates are Police Civilian trained or I.A.M. or RoSPA (Gold) drivers.

Q. Do you provide personal security?

A. No, not directly, but we work with CPO companies on a regular basis and can provide a CPO (bodyguard) if you need one.

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