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COVID-19 Policy

Firstly, we hope that you and your family have managed to stay safe during the pandemic and, like us, are looking forward to resuming our "new normal" lives. 

Domino Transfer has been working throughout the crisis and, with our focus completely on the safety of our clients and chauffeurs, have implemented a series of changes to combat the infection of clients whilst in our care since day one.

Before collection the interior of the vehicle will have been sprayed with anti-bacterial spray and wiped with anti- bacterial wipes. Special attention will have been paid to armrests, grab handles, seats, consoles and passenger switches.

Your chauffeur will be masked on collection and at all times throughout the journey and gloves will be used when collecting your luggage. The gloves, when used, will be disposed of. As usual, your chauffeur will open and close all doors for you negating the need for any of our clients to touch the door handles either inside or outside of the vehicle.

Onboard you'll find a ready supply of anti-bacterial hand gel, wipes, face masks and nitrile gloves should you require them along with bottled water and an unopened bag of mints which will also have been wiped down. We have temporarily removed newspapers and magazines.

Furthermore, our Mercedes Benz S Class and V Class vehicles have been modified by the fitting of custom made PVC cough/sneeze screens which are located between the driver and the rear seat passengers. The fitting of these "Marmite" screens is a contentious issue within the chauffeur industry as we have had to weigh up the pros and cons.


  • Extra shield between the chauffeur and rear passengers (and vice versa)

  • Allays client anxieties about normal in-car proximity

  • Some clients have strenuously requested them

  • Proactive approach

  • Licensing Authority permission to fit them


  • Though custom made the screens are NOT hermetically sealed

  • Air-conditioning is still shared

  • Questions arise regarding the lulling of passengers into a false sense of security

  • Questions arise regarding the deployment of side curtain airbags

  • The screens are not aesthetically pleasing

Our decision was made when our Licensing Authority allowed permission to have them fitted - these screens are made from a flexible PVC cover NOT rigid acrylic sheet for passenger safety requirements.

We also have differing operating procedures when collecting form airports which have been imposed by the airports themselves. As they all differ slightly you'll be issued with full instructions when booking.

If you require any further information regarding our COVID-19 Policy please email us at

Travel with Domino Transfer - you're in safe hands!

Have a great day!


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