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Domino Transfer are known and proud of our investment in our driver training programs and our vehicles and we are so proud to showcase our new steed for 2021 - the beautiful Range Rover Vogue Autobiography LWB. (Notice the emphasis on LWB!)

The rear passenger compartment comprises super-reclining seats with hot and cold temperature controls, electric side blinds, individual climate control, independent media screens and, as it's 200mm long with 186mm purely extra leg room in the rear (Yes - I Googled it!) you'll be able to stretch out and relax for the whole journey!

As EV's still don't offer us the flexibility that we require our options were limited so we've opted for the last of the 4.4 litre V8 diesel engines that provide 339BHP. Ever conscious of our carbon footprint we have teamed up with a scheme provided by Shell, our fuel suppliers, to offset our carbon footprint by providing a donation per litre that will be matched by Shell Fuels. It's not ideal but we're doing our bit.

Even though the pandemic has hit our industry very hard we now have the confidence, as things ease, to invest in the future and we're more than ready for whatever it brings. Regular airport clients may notice a small increase in charges but this is mainly due to the fact that nearly all airports have either introduced drop off and collection charges or increased their rates for this service. As before though our airport transfer fees still remain a fixed fee service.

Sadly, for various reasons including Brexit and C19, some of our clients have disappeared forever whilst some have disappeared from the UK but we continue to develop new relationships and that's where our merry band of clients (and anyone else reading this) can help. We're not asking for donations so you can carry on! :) All we ask as a small but reputable company is that you share our posts on your social media - that's it.

In return you'll have our utmost gratitude and I'll probably stretch to an extra coffee on your next transfer lol

Other than the above mentioned everything else remains the same, the same punctual, efficient service, the same witty repartee, the same silence should you wish to work on your journey, hot refreshments provided en route on the longer journeys, the same amount of driver C19 testing (1 jab down and the next one in 4 days!), the same good communications, the same meticulous servicing of our vehicles and the same driver! (There's always something to let it down!)

We'll still be there for your corporate transfers and meetings, airport transfers, restaurant bookings, special occasions, TV & Film work and weddings.

That's it for now folks - we look forward to seeing you all soon even at 03.00hrs in a morning.

Have a great day!

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